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AWNINGS: Commercial & Residential:

125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can recover your existing awning or have a custom frame built for your specific location.  Sunbrella canvas from Glen Raven Mills is frequently used on all 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY awning projects unless a  fabric is requested. Glen Raven Mills guarantees the canvas for 5 years. If the awning is for a commercial establishment, 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can also logo and custom letter.  

MARINE: Boat Tops and Interiors:

125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can make a custom canvas top for any type of boat.  The tops can be fabricated at the shop or on site. Tops are constructed out of Sunbrella Canvas from Glen Raven Mills.  Glen Raven Mills guarantees the canvas for 5 years.

125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can also match and replace the vinyl and carpeting in your boat.  Rotted wood and old hardware is typically replaced as well. Our customers are asked to keep all the old covers and foam if replacing rotted wood on their boats.


125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can rehab an antique piece of furniture and bring it back to its original luster.  The restoration includes stripping the piece of furniture to the bare frame, re-webbing the seat & back, retying the seat & back springs, tighten & repair frame, and touch up of all the exposed finished wood. 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY is partnered with several experienced wood refinishers for "total-Rehab" projects.


125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can reupholster any piece of furniture.  The piece of furniture can be reupholstered to it's original style or another style, if the piece allows it.  125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY always strips the furniture down to it's bare frame and starts fresh.  The integrity of the piece is addressed once all the cover is off. Most of the time a piece of furniture will need some re-tightening of the frame, and re-tying of the springs. For more information on upholstery services, we ask you to call us at: (603) 642-3110.


125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can custom build a cornice board to fit any opening.   These window treatments are actually made out of wood.  A thin layer of foam is then placed on the wood surface which is then covered in designer fabric and trim.   The designs for cornice boards range from the simplest to the most elaborate.  The elaborate curves and depth of the board will also contribute a great deal to the “Drama” this treatment can create.  The beauty of this window treatment is that it can be paired with drapery panels, blinds and/or shutters.  It all depends on the look you want to create.


Is there a seating area in your home that is uncomfortable or needs a specific type of cushion?  125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY has the means to custom cut and create or recreate a cushion for any type of application.  Replacing or creating a new cushion should be done with care and concern for who will be using the cushion.  Cushion's determine comfortableness, so remember there are many types of foam out there when considering new seating. 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can help you determine what's best for you.


Whether you're looking to completely redo your bedroom or just bring in a few touches to bring it more up-to-date, bed headboards or frames are a simple way to make a significant impact on a bedroom's design.  Frame your bed and create a focal point with the interesting silhouette of a headboard. Add warmth and your own personal style with one of 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY custom upholstered headboards.


125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY carries a wide variety of designer brand fabrics, leathers, and vinyl's for the do-it-yourselfer.  125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY has something to choose from for any type of application.  If you have specific questions or are unsure of what you need, please feel free to contact 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY. We will assist you in finding the proper application needed for your project.


The level of comfort a piece of furniture provides is dictated by the foam cushion.   New cushions can turn a once uncomfortable piece of furniture into a whole new experience.  125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY offers many different styles and densities of foam products for you to choose from. 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY also custom fabricates 50/50 Down/Feather-Blend cushions. For more information on our Cushion Products and availability, please contact us at: (603) 642-3110.


Today, more people are opting to salvage or repair a lot of their furniture rather than throwing them away.  The most common repairs are broken rails, broken springs, and cushion tears. 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can address these problems in a number of ways to bring your piece of furniture back to it's original state.


125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY offers a full range of automotive fabrics for new and antique vehicle reconditioning or replacement. 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY will work to locate the original fabric and design specifications of your existing vehicle when possible. 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can  create and customize a "one-of-a-kind" look when desired.

Headliners: 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can replace any board, bow, or convertible top headliner.  125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY also has access to any parts or hardware for your headliner.

Carpeting: 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY offers a full-range of molded carpets specific to your vehicle. 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can install your new carpet as well. To schedule an estimate, please call: (603) 642-3110.


125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can create a custom seat cover for your motorcycle seat.  125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY offers gel pad installation and  embroidery services.  125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can give you a seat nobody else has!

Embroidery: 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY works with you to custom design your own logo or name.

Gel Pack Inserts: The most popular gel pack inserts are on motorcycle seats. (Keep your original motorcycle seat cover with a brand new Gel Pack)   Essentially; a gel pack can be put on any type of seating surface where a person sits for a long time.  An office chair or wheel chair are other prime examples of gel pad use.  Let 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY help you with your comfort.


125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY uses Scotchgard to help protect our customers investment.  Upholstery fiber protection can be applied in your home or at the shop.  It works by locking onto each upholstery fiber to create an invisible durable shield, which does not affect the look or feel of your furniture.  Scotchgard's highly advanced formula resists every day dust and spills, so cleaning is easier and more effective.


125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can make a custom Tonneau Cover for any vehicle with quality HAARTZ material. You can also buy a pre-made tonnuea cover and have 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY stitch a custom logo into it.


Create a pleasant and cheerful room with upholstered walls.  The availability of affordable fabrics has allowed the upholstering of walls much more attainable in today's market.  Formal rooms are a popular choice for this type of application although they  also give a cozy feeling to a den or bedroom.  The fabric and padding provides additional insulation from drafts and sound.  Let 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY add a practical and beautiful addition to your home.


125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can replace carpeting in boats, R/V'S, and automobiles.  The color and pile can be matched to the previous application.  Preformed carpeting for automobiles is also another option available.

125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY offers FREE Estimates and advice to all that ask. Thank You.


125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY will help you logo your canvas and vinyl products with a design of your choice. See our Photo Gallery to view our awnings and snowmobile seats. 


125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY can fully enclose the cab of your tractor with clear marine grade vinyl. The four vinyl curtains are custom fit and hung from your existing roof by an awning track or wood frame that is installed by us. The curtains are removable, the four corners of the curtains are attached by marine grade (YKK brand) zippers, all with double zipper slides for use inside the cab as well.  Take a look at the photo gallery for workmanship.

125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY offers FREE Estimates and advice to all that ask. Thank You.

Tel: (603) 642-3110
Fax: (603) 642-3110


■ Boat Tops/Seats
■ Custom Awnings
■ Fabric, Leather, & Vinyl
■ Motorcycle Seats/Repairs
■ Cornice Boards
■ Furniture Repair
■ Carpeting (Auto/Marine)
■ Headboards
■ Foam Cushion Replacement
■ Convertible Tops
■ Custom Tonneau Covers
■ Upholstered Walls
■ Window Seats
■ Gel pack Inserts
■ Scotchgarding



For more information on 125 CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY'S Products and Services, or schedule a FREE estimate, Please         Call: (603) 642-3110 or Email us at: www.125canvas@gmail.com Thank You for visiting 125canvas.com.
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